Welcome in the wonderful world of Modern Pose...

Modern Pose is a french label focused on female wellness, created by a young woman for women.

The founder, Charlotte, is a woman always in search of new alternatives to well-being. Sporty and obsessed with maintaining body and mind balanced, from there was born the idea and the concept of "wellness performance".

The idea came naturally to share her passion and vision, while bringing a modern and glamorous dimension to wellness products and turn sport and wellness for women into high-end items, to wear and use everywhere in all circumstances.

"I always have attached particular attention to the quality of my life balance as well as the aesthetics and performance of the materials of clothing that I use to wear myself. So, I wanted to combine my attraction for the sophisticated, minimalist, and uncluttered aesthetic with high-end wellness solutions, especially CBD, a natural compound which is the most interesting to me according to its recognized benefits. I work closely with independent and specific professionals to develop Modern Pose formulas in order to offer a selection of cutting-edge supplements." 

"Today, my mission is to develop the range of high-end wellness supplements with the utmost care, as well as the development of a range of sports apparel working on technical, innovative and efficient material."

Modern pose is for modern and active women who want to preserve their body and energy, while being on the cutting edge. The final aim is to create a little temple of wellness and make you feel good, redefining pure, simple and natural well-being, based on a healthy lifestyle.

By sharing her passion and experience for wellness, the aim is to bring to people the most modern approach of well-being and share unique wellness perspective.


With love and good vibes,

Charlotte C, Founder.