About CBD

About CBD. Cannabidiol

Here at Modern Pose Square, we are very committed to provide at our customers the best solutions to support wellness and well-being. This why it is important for our team to work closely with an independent laboratory and give the accessibility to high-end CBD wellness products. In our vision, we focus everything on life balance and wellness, and we truly believe the power and benefits of the "super-ingredient" CBD, our mission is to offer a range of products easy to use, performant and efficient.

What is CBD ?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive molecule belonging to a family of cannabinoids and extracted from organic hemp seeds(Our products are made with Cannabis Sativa, the most qualitative variety of hemp). CBD has not to be mix up with THC, even if they are considerate as similars, we must to make the difference. Indeed, CBD does not provide the phsycotropic effects responsible for the feeling of drunkenness or euphoria of THC. CBD is by no means a substitute for cannabis and it is completely natural. CBD is known for its many positive effects on body and mind, and can help to improve well-being condition; let's discover them together below.

Why using CBD ? 

Using CBD has some very positive aspects on sportive people, they can use it before or after a sport session to support and soothe muscles. Concerning anxious or stressed bodies, Cannabidiol can help for fighting stress and insomnia. We also observe benefits for calming anxiety attacks. CBD is a soft solution, totally natural, organic and vegan, to introduce in wellness routine.

What are benefits ? 

Regarding sport benefits, CBD oil can be useful to help and prepare for muscle recovery due to its pain relief properties. In addition to its relaxing and soothing qualities in a broad sense, we observe benefits on stress and anxiety management, Cannabidiol promote quality of sleep. Moreover, when we talk of mind balance, CBD is a good alternative for mood regulation and helps to regain emotional stability and control.

Are there any side effects ?

There is no risk to consume CBD, Cannabidiol hanse no major side effects and it is a completely natural product, but we obviously advice to not exceed the recommended dose. A too high dose ingested may cause stomach ache, sedation or tiredness. This is why we recommend to use it at the end of the day and to not drive after consuming.

Is CBD legal ?

CBD supplements are legal in Europe. We follow EU legislation and law which authorizes CBD products as long as they aren't contain more than 0,2% of THC. Modern Pose is committed to respect all EU regulations. All our products contain less than 0,2% of THC.